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Hello, I am Shubham!

Shubham Sasane is the Founder of Shubham Sasane Enterprises LLP, an international web development company. Serving businesses in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, and Norway, his company operates from Beed, reflecting his commitment to leveraging global opportunities while staying rooted in his community. Shubham is an alumnus of St. Ann’s, having graduated in the 2010-11 batch.

Beyond his entrepreneurial endeavors, Shubham is dedicated to social causes and community service. He is one of the Founding Members and Directors of the Life Is All Positive (LIAP) Foundation, an organization founded by Deek Parassini who is based in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

The LIAP Foundation is dedicated to spreading positivity and undertaking various impactful projects. These include offering free educational sessions to students, running the LIAP Kitchen for food donation, and organizing tree plantation drives under the LIAP Trees initiative across India.

Shubham’s dual focus on technological innovation and social welfare highlights his commitment to both personal and community development.


Real Words from Real People

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The motto I live by,

Make it so that when people remember you, they SMILE! 🙂

That they were touched by you in a way that really left them with something to CHERISH.

If you have that, then you continue to live inside the hearts and minds of others in a way that you leave a POSITIVE IMPACT for many years to come. 

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